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Frequently Asked Questions


Is your furniture original ?
No. These are reproductions of very high quality across the existing product of the most influential designers of past decades. Unlike the originals, they are not signed, not numbered, but are against up to 85% cheaper than original edition. We strive to always use the finest leathers and woods that provide the finest reproduction of a very high quality.

How you can sell those items?
Laws are not the same in different countries of the European Union. In Britain, the copyright is no longer valid 25 years after the first industrial production, which allows you to buy online legally. Then the rules of free movement of goods within the European Union shall apply. Individuals and companies can buy such goods as long as they buy furniture for their own use and not for resale.

How can you apply those prices?
We took care to select the best factories in China and other Asian countries. Compared with the original signed and numbered, we have no intermediary between the factory and the consumer, whereas in the conventional circuits, in addition to licensing, you have to pay an intermediary - wholesaler, distributor, retailer, ... not to mention the cost to retail outlets and advertising costs. You add up the commissions for all intermediaries and you understand better the price.

What country do you deliver?
We deliver, originally from England throughout Europe.

When will I be delivered?
As the product is made for you, we rarely have products in stock and you must wait 10 to 18 weeks. Same time that if you order a custom sofa. Sometimes we have products in stock that can be delivered much faster, it is then shown on the data sheet.

What happens if the product does not meet my expectations?
As far as your order is not a custom order, custom, and if the product does not meet your expectations, you have 14 days to go back. You will find all the details in our terms of sale.

What about guarantee?
Our products are guaranteed for 3 years for any defect or irregularity forme.La practical procedure call of the guarantee is described in our terms of sale.

Is my payment secure?
We use a system that has proved its worth in terms of secure payment: HiPay platform that works with Ogone, trusted third party using highly secure encryption methods. Never, at any time, we have access to confidential information relating to means of payment you used. That's why we redemandons this information to each new order.