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Welcome to Casa-Factory


General Terms & Conditions

By accepting these terms of sale when placing the order, the user also declares that he/she has the legal capacity to conclude the contract.

Company identification

Casa Factory / Full Container Limited Company
24 Upper Hall Park
City : Berkhamsted

Company Registration number : 7857014
Web site : www.casa-factory.com
Mail adress : info@casa-factory.com

Essential characteristics of the products offered for sale 

The products offered for sale are presented either in Special event sale, or in a catalogue which can be viewed on the site at any time.

There is a picture of each product and the description of the product(s) depends on the number of confirmed purchases.

As for the products inspired by the works of big designer names, we focus your attention to the fact that they are neither signed, nor numbered, and they are not at all originals, although the models are quite similar. The choice of materials is subjected to strict control, which aims to achieve the best final result. In some countries the resale and delivery of some products, legally sold in England, is prohibited due to domestic copyrights.

Therefore, if it is not for personal use, we would like to remind the customers to check whether the resale is permitted under the national legislation of the purchaser.

System for payment / information / reimbursement was developed to ensure maximum customer protection in case of unfulfilled Special event sale or catalogue sale. The amount for the Special event sale shall be debited from your credit card or other payment can be accepted after the sale was completed 100%. 

Some products can be customized. Thus, the windows on the page describing the product enable the customers to choose the colours and the materials of the end product. 

The individualizations can vary for each product. 

Depending on the options chosen, the end selling price of the product may vary. 

The range of products may vary according to the manufacturer and the designers of the product. Thus you shall often notice products that are no longer manufactured and at the same time, new products are added on the site. Other products may be subject to a temporary promotion and will be accompanied by a note describing the subject and scope of this/these promotion(s). 

If a product is not available for reasons beyond the site, the company shall offer an alternative option or reimburse the total amount for the said product(s), according to customer’s preferences.

Prices of products

The prices are quoted in Euro, inclusive of VAT, which is 20% in the UK, and delivery is not included.

In case of change of the VAT rate for the categories of products offered, the prices shall be automatically changed and published on the site. The announced prices may vary depending on circumstances beyond the control of the site. For example, changes in the exchange rates of currencies and / or changes in the existing tariffs of goods and services provided by suppliers. In general, the Site reserves the right to change at any moment the price of a product to be delivered, except upon confirmation of the purchase by the customer. 

Some of the products offered for sale on the site may be customized by the client (for example: change of colours, plating, etc.). These customizations are different for each product. 

Depending on the options chosen, the end price of the product may vary.

Delivery cost

The delivery cost is calculated automatically according to the destination address and the ratio volume-weight of the package(s).

The delivery cost shall be announced at the time of confirmation of the purchase.The total price, including VAT and delivery shall be displayed before the final confirmation of the purchase.

Terms of payment, delivery and implementation of contract of sale

Credit Card Payment

To confirm the purchase of a product, the customer must complete the order procedures on the site, to accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and make the payment.

Once the customer has completed all stages of the purchase order, he/she shall receive a written confirmation for the order or on a durable medium, and such confirmation shall include as a minimum:

  • Identification of the purchased product(s)
  • Company identification
  • Price of product(s) and delivery
  • Legal provisions concerning the right of refusal and the relevant terms and conditions
  • The geographical location of the company, as well as the contact details where the customer may send a request for information and submit any claims.

  • The order is considered final as of the receipt of this confirmation by the client.  The payment for the products shall be made only by credit card or other means of payment offered on the Site and selected by the customer. The total value of payment corresponds to the price announced on the site at the time of sale, plus the shipping cost as indicated in the order confirmation. The orders are payable immediately as advanced payment of the total amount and by all possible means of payment specified in the website.  For orders that are exempt from VAT, in an EU member state, the general tax code shall be applied (intra-community VAT).

    The customer shall state his/her address and confirm the content of his/her basket, as well as the total amount. In order to complete the purchase, the customer must provide the accurate data of his/her credit card or the selected payment method in order to confirm the purchase.

    The client confirms the purchase by clicking on the confirm button. Thus the sale is concluded under the condition that the product is available. The moment the product is available, the client shall receive confirmation. 

    The seller shall remain the owner of the sold products until the receipt of the full payment of the price. In the absence of payment, the seller shall have the right to refuse delivery of the products.

    The risk passes to the customer upon delivery of the purchased products. Please, do not attempt to pay with means of payment other than the expressly provided by the Site.

    If you use other means of payment, we shall not be responsible for loss of payment or any damage that may result from this act. 

    If the payment is not executed with the selected by the client method of payment, even under these Terms and Conditions of Sale, and in particular (but not limited to) due to insufficient funds in the bank account or inaccurate data, the customer shall bear all the charges made by third persons who intervened to resolve the payment problem. 

    The e-mail received at the time of placing of your order on the site is proof of registration of your order and not a confirmation on the availability of this product. 

    Safety: The site is equipped with security systems with SSL Protocol (Secure Socket Layer) and 3DS Protocol (Visa и Mastercard) and commonly used encryption of personal data.The site has no access to confidential data related to the payment.


    When placing an order, the client must state the delivery address and indicate the preferred time of delivery.

    The term shall be specified at the time of confirmation of the order. It is important to take into account the fact that the terms are extremely long: between 10 and 15 weeks, as the production begins at the time of confirmation of the purchase. 

    In order to ensure delivery at the best possible conditions, we advise you to leave a phone number, so the site can contact you before and during the delivery.

    The site is working in collaboration with foreign carriers, selected according to the products to be delivered and the addresses of delivery.

    The site and the carriers cannot be held responsible for non-delivery due to incorrect information or absence of the customer at the time of delivery. 

    In case of “overall dimensions” or “non standard size”, which must be specified on the purchase slip for delivery, we can offer you special condition.

    Additional costs (e.g. loading device, extra help, etc) shall be at your expense and shall be paid prior to the delivery, or otherwise the supplier shall leave the product(s) on the ground floor at the place of delivery. 

    If the client wishes to change the delivery address or other information regarding the delivery, he/she is obliged to report such change not later than 48 hours before the agreed date of delivery with an e-mail sent to delivery@casa-factory.com as long as the address of delivery is in the same country, or change the delivery data through the Site, on the page of My Account. In this case the client must specify the order number and ordered product(s). 

    The site is obliged to confirm the change(s) of the order data by phone or e-mail, unless the changes in the data were not properly registered in compliance with the above mentioned general terms and conditions, or for any other reason beyond the site. In the event that the delivery is re-scheduled upon the request of the client, additional costs may be required. Such costs cannot exceed 30€ per month and per product. If the delivery is delayed by more than 7 business days due to the Site or the employees of the company’s carriers, the client shall have the right to cancel the purchase. In this case the client must send a registered letter to the registered address of the Site. Upon receipt of such cancelation, the Site shall reimburse the total amount of the ordered product(s). 

    The purchase is considered completed upon the signing of the order slip by the customer or any other person representing the customer.

    Once the product is submitted to the carrier, the customer must report a non-receipt of delivery within eight business days from the submission. 

    At the request of the Site, tracking of the carrier shall be conducted. This tracking may take up to 21 business days starting from the date of its initiation. If during this period the shipment is found, it shall be shipped to your address as soon as possible (except for orders for storehouses). After that period, the shipment shall be considered lost. 

    Upon completion of the tracking process due to a loss, we shall send you a replacement product (delivered at our expense) or, at your request, we shall refund the cost of the lost product. If the ordered product(s) is (are) no longer available, you can be reimbursed for this product by filing a declaration of loss confirmed by the carrier. We remind you that before the end of the tracking process we shall not recover the costs or re-send the product. 

    Neither the site nor the carrier shall be responsible for failure of delivery due to inaccuracy or error in the delivery address.

    Refusal of delivery

    To accept a refusal of delivery, the buyer must specify the nature of motives on the delivery slip which later shall be submitted to the carrier.

    These reasons must handwritten, dated, presented in detail and signed on the order slip. For example, the note “damaged product” is not enough, the client must describe in detail the nature of the damage: scratches, bumps, spots, etc. 

    Furthermore, when establishing the delivery error, the customer must specify the type of error: bad colour, round instead of square legs, incorrect reference, etc.; and send us his/her motives within 5 business days by registered mail to the address indicated below or by e-mail to our internet site (via the contact form available on all site pages) :

    Casa Factory / Full Container Limited Company
    24 Upper Hall Park

    Any claim submitted after this period of time, following the delivery day, shall not be accepted.

    For example, the customer cannot express doubts about Casa Factory after the departure of the carrier, even if the package has not been opened in the presence of the carrier.If the customer accepts the delivery without reservations, the product shall be considered devoid of visual defects and may not be subject of subsequent contestation due to such reason. 

    Shipment of products shall be made only to countries listed in the products coupons. If the customer wishes to change the delivery address or to postpone the delivery date, he/she must notify the Site as soon as possible and not later than five business days before the delivery date. 

    In order to inform the Site, the customer must use the “Contact” page, offered on the Site.

    The customer must indicate the order number, the ordered product and to submit his/her comments in order to explain the changes.

    The site shall confirm whether accepted or refused by an e-mail or phone call within the shortest period of time.This change shall result in possible additional transport costs.

    Damages and Defects

    It is assumed that the customer has checked the conformity of the products at the time of delivery.

    If the delivered product has defects or it does match the description, the customer must write it in the delivery documents.

    A document signed in consent is evidence of the acceptance of the product.Moreover, the customer is obliged to send information regarding the error to the physical address of the Site.

    The responsibility of the site for damages and defects is limited to the provisions of the legislation.

    Right of refusal

    For each contract for long distance shipment the customer has a period of 14 calendar days to cancel the contract.

    This right can be exercised as of the day following the delivery to the customer.The withdrawal period is met provided the customer has notified the company by letter or otherwise before the expiry of this period. 

    Costs for the re-sending are borne by the customer 

    The returned goods must be packed and delivered in a way identical to the original.The cost of defect caused by unpacking or re-sending shall not be reimbursed.In general terms, the re-sent goods must be suitable for resale in the form in which they were forwarded, or otherwise the reimbursement shall be subject of agreement between the parties. 

    In case of refusal, the reimbursement must be performed within 30 days after the effective cancellation, i.e. the date of receipt of the refused goods.

    However, any complaint or request for information may be sent to delivery@casa-factory.com

    In case of ordering a customized product, the right of refusal shall not apply.


    The applicable guarantee is a guarantee for compliance and hidden defects guarantee. Three-year guarantee shall be applied, as far as the product was used “with diligence”.For the guarantee to be applied, the customer must notify about the problem at the following address:

    Casa Factory / Full Container Limited Company
    24 Upper Hall Park

    Then, he/she must rerun the damaged goods to the address that will be referred to by the site, and the product must be returned to us as complete as possible (packaging, instructions, accessories, …).

    The expenses for the return and transport shall be borne by the customer, and the expenses for the re-sending or replacement of the product shall be borne by the Site.The defective goods will be repaired or replaced, provided that the installation and use conformed to the instruction indicated on the slip of the product.

    Intellectual property rights
    The presentation of the internet site and all graphical aspects, the presented products, their design, images on the site and etc. are property of the Site and its commercial partners, they are part of the intellectual property rights and similar rights.

    Their use, copying and reproduction is prohibited without the explicit consent of the Site, otherwise such actions may lead to prosecution.

    The brand of the Site is a trademark. Any attempt to reproduce or create a product by using components of the Site, protected by the intellectual property rights, or to create product resembling the components of the trademark, and in particular used to take advantages of its popularity, may lead to prosecution.