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Welcome to Casa-Factory


Terms of Use

The site shall not be responsible for infringements committed by users of the website or its commercial partners.

The responsibility of the site is limited to the responsibilities defined by law. The site cannot be held liable for consequential damages, such as loss of turnover, loss of income or increase in overall expenses. The site cannot be held liable for direct or indirect defects caused by the action of a client or by a third party, caused by mistake, inadvertently or due to force majeure. Reasonable appeal submitted on time may result in repair or replacement or supplement (partial) from the Site, and it shall not be obliged to pay a higher penalty value. 

In case of declaring void one or more provisions of this contract, these provisions shall be considered non-existent and it shall not be detrimental to the other provisions of the general terms and conditions, which shall remain fully applicable. 

All disputes arising from the general terms and conditions are under the exclusive competence of the courts in London. English law is applicable. The application of the Vienna Convention on the contract for international sale of goods is expressly excluded.


 Within the partnership, the Site may submit, sell or use your data if you voluntarily and explicitly given permission for the use of your personal data for commercial purposes. 

Upon a single request filed by the user, he/she may be removed from database of the Site. 


Types of requested data

The following data may be requested :

Last name, first name, postal address, email address, mobile phone, landline phone or any other information pertaining to registered members, Personal and professional affiliations, experience with our products and services, experience with other products and services, contact preferences or any other information about registered members.

The processing of bank data is assumed immediately by the payment service providers. Casa Factory does not have direct access to the bank information. However, such data can be traced, for example within reimbursement.

Use of data

The collected data can be used for :

- Orders and delivery management 

- Invoicing

- Management of returned products and possible reimbursement

- Change of data

- Analyses and ergonomic optimization of the site www.casa-factory.com

- Direct marketing- Commercial activity, including that of our partners 

Only the employees and/or the managers of Casa Factory, as well as external carriers, have the right to operate with personal data, in order to successfully complete the delivery and to exchange information before, during and after the delivery. 

It is possible that the data is disclosed to a third party, for example the bank details may be submitted to financial institutions entrusted with the management of payments, or to other partners of Casa Factory, who will operate with the data in a responsible and safe manner and in accordance with the existing legislation. When disclosing data, Casa Factory is obliged to inform in advance the users who will have the opportunity to withhold their data.

User rights 

Each user have the right to access and modify their personal data, anytime, on www.casa-factory.com, on the webpage of My Account. This right is confused with the right to advise of your personal information, collected by Casa Factory. For each consultation on data, please send official request, accompanied by proof of identity document, by marking «Data protection, request for advice» at info@casa-factory.com. 

Furthermore, any change of data can be made on the webpage My Account, or by e-mail sent to info@casa-factory.com.

Each member is entitled to access and object the use of his/her personal data for commercial purposes at any time, free and without stating any reasons. Such objection can be made on the webpage My Account, via newsletter, where bold type link is provided for this purpose, or by sending e-mail and marking OPT OUT at stopcommercial@casa-factory.com


Casa Factory monitors the protection of personal data of its users. However, we advise you to be especially careful when entering passwords and accessing computers of other users. It is possible that internet site, on which we have no control, contains links to www.casa-factory.com. Please protect your password and always exit your user account, especially when viewing www.casa-factory.com from somebody else’s computer. Casa Factory is not responsible for the security and confidentiality of the information transmitted when the user is offline. Be cautious and observe the existing privacy policy.


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